Pregorexia, what is it?

Anorexia and bulimia are both well-known eating disorders, however you may not have heard of pregorexia. Pregorexia is described as the anorexia suffered by women during pregnancy.

Generally speaking this illness usually affects to those women who have suffered previously from anorexia, although the number of women suffering from pregorexia is rising for women who have never suffered from anorexia before.

Despite the nutritionist’s advice throughout the pregnancy of keeping themselves and the baby healthy a big number of women start feeling guilty when they start putting on weight.

In addition to the guilt of putting on weight, the social media, magazines and TV are putting a lot pressure on women. Media has ridiculed famous pregnant women because of their weight and how they look after given birth and it has praised those ones that have lost a lot weight immediately after given birth.

Putting on weight during the gestation is something common due to the physiologic changes that happen during this period. The paramount of the pregnancy is the foetus and for those who suffer from pregorexia the foetus can have consequences during the pregnancy and after the baby is born such as low weigh, slow development, unusual head perimeter and miscarriage.

Women need to find a balance during the pregnancy making sure they over 1700Kcal/day and under 2600Kcal/day, but this could change depending on the physical characteristics of the women. Women need to increase gradually the amount of calories they eat, eating by the 30th week of the pregnancy 10% more that what they ate in week 1, but always following the nutritionist’s advice.

Pregnant women need to remember that they are carrying a life that needs to have the right amount of nutrients even more than them. Putting on a few kilos is not something bad and it can be “fixed” once the baby is born breastfeeding is a great option for both.

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